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Lake George Boathouse

St. Cloud State University’s Outdoor Endeavors has created a unique partnership with the City of St. Cloud, St. Cloud Parks Department, and the St. Cloud Rotary Club to establish Lake George as a center point of community outdoor recreation activity. The result of this relationship is Outdoor Endeavors operating boat rentals and instructional programs at Lake George during the summer season. We’re very pleased to have their rentals available during our events each Wednesday night! Click here to learn more.


The Bike Corral

Avoid finding a place to park! Ride your bike down to Summertime By George! and rest assured it is in a safe place waiting for you until you’re ready to leave. Learn more.


Doug Lien Limited Edition Print

Inspired by the event and brought to you by the St. Cloud Rotary Club and Summertime by George!, the Limited Edition Print by Doug Lien lets you bring a piece of the night home with you! See it here.


June – August 
5:00-9:25 p.m.
Every 10 minutes