Eastman Tavern Menu

The atmosphere inside the Eastman Tavern ‘beer garden’ area is always lively! Upon entering, stop by the ticket stand to purchase your drink ticket(s) for the night at $6/each. One ticket is good for your one beer, hard seltzer, or wine of your choice! Our ticket stand accepts cash, credit cards, and Venmo!

Beer & Seltzer

COOL drinks to quench your thirst on HOT Wednesday nights!

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Refreshing brews and satisfying seltzers are provided by Viking Beverages. Selections subject to availability. Check back each week for any limited offerings!

Coors Light

Crisp, clean, and refreshing. Coors Light is an American-style light lager beer.

ABV 4.2%
Calories 102
Carbs 5g

Coors Banquet

This American lager is a sessionable golden beer with an inviting aroma of freshly baked bread and understated hints of banana and pear complemented by an effervescent mouthfeel and a crisp finish.

ABV 5%

Blue Moon

A wheat beer brewed with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma.

ABV 5.4%

Blue Moon Light Sky

A new light and refreshing wheat beer from Blue Moon, brewed with real tangerine peel for a lighter, exceptional taste at only 95 calories.

ABV 4%
IBU 10
Calories 95

Goose Island IPA

Hoppy. Citrus with grapefruit, pine, and floral notes and a balanced finish. A fuller flavored IPA with bright citrus aromas and a bold hop finish.

ABV 5.9%
IBU 55

Coors Pure

Coors Pure is a new USDA-Organic light beer made with simple, quality ingredients for the pure Rocky Mountain refreshment and exceptionally crisp and clean taste you’d expect from Coors.

ABV 3.8%
Calories 92
No Sugar

Coors Seltzer

Coors Seltzer was launched with a mission to restore America’s rivers. When you drink a Coors Seltzer, you help save a river. Available in four refreshing flavors: Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, and Grapefruit.

ABV 4.5%
Calories 90
Carbs 2g

Hop & Barrel Lemon Breaker Shandy

Full flavor lemon. Lemon Breaker focuses a bit more on the sweetness rather than sour aspects of lemon.

ABV 3.7%

Wine & Spritzers

Red or white, still or sparkling, we’ve got a flavor for every taste!

Selections subject to availability.


A crisp, refreshing blend of juicy peaches and sweet apricots, Barefoot Moscato combines lush, fruity aromas with a bright, crisp finish that is sure to please any crowd. Finished with a tantalizing twist of lemon and citrus.

Pinot Grigio

A light-bodied classic with a crisp, bright finish, Barefoot Pinot Grigio offers all the flavors of tart green apples with fresh, white peaches. Accented with floral blossoms and citrus aromas.


Packing big, bold flavor with a smooth finish, Barefoot Chardonnay brings tempting flavors to every bottle, with notes of crisp, green apples and sweet peaches. Accented with hints of honey and vanilla.

Pinot Noir

The perfect combination of silky, smooth, and spicy, Barefoot Pinot Noir offers all the full-bodied flavors of wild raspberries and sweet cherries. With hints of smooth vanilla and spices.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon positively bursts with all the bold flavors of raspberry and blackberry jam that make this smooth wine an instant sensation. Finished with notes of currant and smooth vanilla.

Crisp White Spritzer

Sparkling with all the delicious, fruity flavors of crisp apples and succulent pears, Barefoot Crisp White Spritzer is bubbling with zesty
lemon-lime fizz.

Moscato Spritzer

Every perfectly portable can of Barefoot Moscato Spritzer is infused with all the refreshing, fruity goodness of juicy peaches and oh-so-sweet tangerines.

Rose Spritzer

Offering a refreshing medley of juicy peaches and zesty mandarins, Barefoot Rosé Spritzer is a burst of delicious, fruity flavor. Hints of sweet raspberries and red cherries.

Summer Red Spritzer

Barefoot Summer Red Spritzer delivers a blast of bold berry flavor in every perfectly portable can. Finished with aromas of sweet peaches and zesty oranges.