Event Courtesies

At Summertime by George! (SBG), we strive to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone. St. Cloud City Ordinances and Park and Recreation Conduct and Use Rules apply to this event. The following is a list of general rules; noncompliance with these rules may result in expulsion from the event or the issuance of a citation.

Distribution of Materials Pursuant to St. Cloud City Ordinance Section 236, no person will, without a permit, display, post or distribute any placard, handbill, pamphlet, petition, circular, book or other writing containing commercial advertising matter within the park. This also includes giving away any promotional products not approved by the SBG Executive Committee before the beginning of the nightly festival. They may not be distributed in the crowd, posted at vendor stations (except to promote the vendor’s product at the vendor booth), or left on vehicle windshields.

Unlawful Conduct It is unlawful for any person to willfully harass, disrupt, interfere or obstruct any function within SBG. This is a misdemeanor offense per St. Cloud City Ordinance Section 960 – Trespass and Unlawful Conduct on City Property and Minnesota Stature Section 609.72, Disorderly Conduct.

Political Activity Vendors, sponsors and Rotary members may not post, distribute or wear political materials; nor may they campaign or arrange for interviews during Summertime by George.

Pets Pets are to be on a leash or caged at all times and cleaned up after. Barking dogs or any animal that disrupts festival attendees will be asked to leave. Pets are not allowed in the Tavern.

Tents and Umbrellas If using any type of umbrella, sports chair, or tent, please use only the outside perimeter of the viewing area so as not to obstruct the view of others.

Alcohol No outside alcohol is to be brought into the park per City of St. Cloud regulations.

Obscene or Disruptive Conduct This is a family-friendly event, and any individuals engaged in obscene or disruptive conduct will be asked to leave the event.

Bikes and Skateboards In an effort to promote safety for everyone, no bike riding or skateboards will be allowed south of the lake in Eastman Park during the festival.

Smoking Although smoking is not prohibited, we request that smokers be courteous and refrain from smoking around non-smokers.


June – August 
5:00-9:25 p.m.
Every 10 minutes