Middle Town Market

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Good stuff to EAT! Fun stuff to BUY!

Stroll through Middle Town Market at SBG! and take in the sizzle, intoxicating smells of the grills, and smiles from the crowds as mango-pepper salsa from your walleye tacos drips down your chin. This list of food vendors is not updated weekly and it does not fully depict how delicious, festive, and affordable the food really is! You’ll have to come down to Lake George on Wednesday evenings to truly understand.

Who joined us in 2019?

African Yen
African Food from Nigeria

Albany American Legion
Hot beef, brat, Sloppy Joe, Fried Bread, Fries

Christine’s Sweet Confections
Cheesecakes, served in a cone

Cotton Candi Brandi
Fluffy delicious cotton candy

Dong Khanh
Eggrolls, chick wing/nugget, wontons

Dustin’s Delectable Delights (Toffee)
Homemade Toffee, Cookies, Bars

Emy’s Mini Donuts
Mini donuts & shaved ice

Firehouse Foods

Fountain of Juice
Fresh fruits/vegetable yogurt smoothies, bubble tea

Grandpa Steve’s

Greek Cravings

Grizzly’s Wood Fired Grill and Catering
Variety of tacos

Happy Hut Concessions
Grilled Cheese sandwiches-variety of flavors, Mac & cheese

House of Pizza & Pacific Wok
Pizza & Teriyaki/Yakitori Chicken rice bowls

Jupiter Moon
Hand-Crafted + Small Batch Ice Cream

Kettle popcorn in various flavors

KNB Concessions
Homemade ice cream

Kona Ice Central Saint Cloud
Snow Cones and Tropical Shaved Ice

Mister Lemonade
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade/Tacos in bag

Mr. Twisty
Soft serve ice cream/blizzards

Mrs. Goodcookies
Cookies & bars, trail mix, pies

Nana’s Kitchen
Pulled Pork, burgers, fries, cheese curds

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza
Pizza and hot chocolate chip cookies

Patty’s Popcorn
Variety of plain/flavored popcorn

Smoke – In – D’s

Star of India
Chick Tandoori, Biryani, Naan, Tikka

The Grandstand Concession Co
Funnel cakes, grilled cheese, chix and waffle, nachos, lefse wrap

Wild Wille’s Sandwich Shack
Buzzard Balls, Chicken/variety of sandwiches, corndogs, burgers, steak bites


June РAugust 
5:00-9:25 p.m.
Every 10 minutes